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Established in 1969, Gulf Mechanical Engineers & Suppliers (GMES) is one of the flagship companies of the Al Hathboor Group and is one of the leading suppliers of products and services to oil fields and shipping and various other industries. The specialty of GMES lies in providing maintenance-related products and the expertise of technical staff in conducting application studies, `failure analysis` and offer technical solutions, which makes the job simpler for maintenance engineers across various fields.

GMES has two showrooms in Dubai & Abu Dhabi and two well-stocked warehouses in Umm Ramool [Dubai] and Musaffah [Abu Dhabi] to ensure prompt delivery and services to customers.

GMES specializes in providing a host of value-added services, which are as follows:

Technical Application Studies: Well-trained GMES personnel are always available to conduct application studies, offer technical recommendations and conduct failure analysis, intended to make the job simpler for maintenance engineers in a variety of industries.

Seminars & Training: GMES, in association with its principals, regularly organizes seminars, workshops, and training sessions, which benefit the customers in implementing the best engineering practices in their respective fields resulting in improved performance and cost savings. Some of the regularly conducted and widely acclaimed seminars are on:

  • Adhesive technology in association with LOCTITE
  • Training Seminars on various topics - SKF
  • Montage Kit Applications & Case studies - BISON
  • Safety in Lifting Industry CROSBY.

GMES is also open to conducting tailor-made seminars on specific topics provided adequate participants and space at the customer`s premises are available. Those interested can contact (details given below) our sales & marketing personnel for further information.

Stock Replenishment: One of the hallmarks of GMES is its ability to meet the immediate requirements of its customers. Stocks are regularly replenished through a sophisticated inventory management system.

Free Delivery Service: GMES offers free delivery service anywhere in the U.A.E. for reasonable value of orders. GMES has its own fleet of vans and trucks, ensuring prompt delivery within 24 hours in most of the cases.

Payment Terms: Though all transactions are dealt on cash against delivery basis, GMES can offer credit schemes for regular customers subject to formal approval from the company.

GMES handles a vast range of products for a variety of applications and some of them are given below :



The Problem Solver has many uses and its applications are endorsed by millions of satisfied customers all over the world. WD-40 was developed in the course of space research to combine the functions of many conventional products such as conventional light lubricants, penetrating oils, rust preventives, moisture repellents, metal cleaners and silicone sprays. In the course of time, WD-40 has evolved as a versatile product, outperforming many of the conventional products and thereby becoming the ultimate Problem Solver.

WD-40 Specialist

WD-40 has introduced Specialist Lubricants range with Smart Straw and the following products are available, Silicone Lubricant, Degreaser & Contact Cleaner.

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SKF continues to boost performance parameters with innovative new products, from ceramic and hybrid bearings to INSOCOAT® electrically insulated rolling bearings. SKF also offers the industry's broadest line of tools and maintenance products for optimum bearing installation, lubrication and alignment.Advanced linear motion Bearings with precision technologies, Condition monitoring products with wide range of reliability services, from shaft alignment and bearing rework to online surveillance systems are part of SKF product portfolio.

If you are interested to know more on how SKF knowledge can optimise your plant productivity Please click


After the take over of Loctite Corporation, HENKEL is the largest producer of adhesives. Loctite product range includes specialty chemicals, engineering adhesives, sealants and surface repair products. Loctite's advanced adhesives, sealants, lubricants and cleaners can provide the “spares” needed to make immediate repairs and thereby, prevent downtime in production and unnecessary delays and changes in production schedules. With the Loctite product range, you can surely lock any thread fastener or fitting against vibration and shock loads; retain bearings, bushes and cylindrical parts inside housings or onto shafts – even if they are worn out. You can also instantly replace gaskets; permanently join dissimilar materials rapidly without any mechanical aid.

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When buying Crosby, you buy more than just a product – you buy quality.

You owe it to yourself and the personnel who use it, to ascertain the safety features of the product. Crosby's product range includes blocks and fittings for wire ropes and chains, which are used for lifting heavy objects across various industries.

For comprehensive information, caution and warnings and product traceability visit Crosby's website

GO-JO - Industrial Hand Cleaners

GOJO Industrial Hand Cleaners have a wide range of hand cleaning products for various types of industrial soils.

GOJO combines progressive product formulations, carefully engineered dispensing technology and scientific education and training programs that encourage healthy skin care.

GMES stocks the following GOJO product range,
0915-GOJO Lemon 4.5lbs.
1115 & 1109 GOJO Original Formula 4.5 lbs and 18oz.
1204-Dispenser for 0915 & 1115.

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GMES is the distributor for Bison International. The product range includes `BISON KIT` contact adhesives and `MONTAGE KIT` construction adhesives, `BISON FOAM`. Architects, Interior Decorators, Engineers and Construction Consultants are averse to risks when constructing, repairing, fastening and decorating. Hence they require products of the highest quality and Bison’s product range stands up to their expectations.

For instance, MONTAGE KIT, a dispersion-based paste adhesive primarily meant for the construction industry, is a huge hit across the UAE. This is because it saves substantial time, is easy to operate and can be as a substitute of nails / hard drilling. Montage Kit, being made with polychloroprene rubber, synthetic resins and solvents, provides direct bonding and instant grip to the surface and hence, can be used to bond almost any surface. It adheres to almost all building materials, providing super strong grip and permanent elasticity. Arabian Ranches, Shangri La Hotel, Fairmont Hotel, 21st Century Tower, Dubai Marina, Burj Khalifa are some of the prominent projects in Dubai where Montage Kits has already been used and this is a testimony of the high quality of Bison’s products.

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American Block`s Drilling Flow Line Products

ABCO's drilling line products such as Hammer Unions, Circulating Hoses, Swivel Joints, Integral Fittings and Integral Pup Joints are handled by GMES. These products are of the highest quality having been manufactured using sophisticated and rigorous quality oriented processes. GMES has ready stock for most of these products.

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